• 27 cm x 24 cm
Unique Piece

    Blue Grey Syncope, 2019
    27 cm x 24 cm
    Unique Piece

  • LW_August 2021 Pink Grid in the making_N&B

    « My vessels are called “Syncope” and the name refers to a musical expression. »

    The delicate porcelain sculptures of the Danish artist, Lotte Westphael, are based on a personal immersion in a technique unfolded within a graphic universe.

    Westphael is inspired by woven Bauhaus fabrics, and she works with proportionality in lines and colorfields, citing Anni Albers and Josef Albers as inspiration, as well as her Nordic heritage. Westphael has developed her own personal technique over the past few years with strips of colored porcelain constructed in vertical and horizontal lines. She works two-dimensionally in porcelain, where she build patterns in 2 mm thin porcelain plates, which are finely assembled into cylindrical jars: Syncopes. The outside surface of the vessel is mirrored on the inside, creating a visual relationship. She uses repetitions of lines with different distance, width and thickness to create intricated patterns. Her vessels are translucent and fragile, and at the same time with a strong, geometrical expression.

    Lotte Westphael has exhibited throughout Europe and the United States, including the American Museum of Ceramic Art, USA; The Danish Culture Institut, St. Petersburg, Russia; Kagoshima Museum, Japan; Hjort Museum, Bornholm, Denmark; Albrechtsburg Meissen, Germany; Musée Magnelli Vallauris, Sofienholm.

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