“I work with clay. A strong interest in my work is to pursue how small displacements and changes affect the artistic expression. My work moves between image, sculpture and usage. I work with expressions and stories that have anchoring in ceramic traditions. Earthenware as material carries out all-round associations from the history of ceramics, which become part of the artistic language. “


Beth Wyller

  • Earthenware with glaze
H. 72 cm.  Dia. 53 cm

    Earthenware with glaze
    H. 72 cm. Dia. 53 cm

  • Earthenware with glaze
H. 72 cm.  Dia. 53 cm

    Earthenware with glaze
    H. 72 cm. Dia. 53 cm

      Born 1947, Oslo, Norway
      1971–75 National College of Art and Design, Oslo, Norway
      1976–80 National Academy of Fine Art, Oslo, Norway


    Norske billedkunstnere and Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts
       Solo exhibitions    
       2018    Kunstbanken, Hamar, Norway  



       Glasslåven, Hadeland, Norway  
       2014    Hå gamle prestegard, Norway  
       2014    Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway  
       2011    Nääs Konsthantverk, Göteborg, Sweden  
      2010 Dagali Museum, Norway
      2010 Gallery Kaolin, Stockholm, Sweden
      2009 Gallery Kunst1.no, Sandvika, Norway
      2008 Gallery Norske Grafikere, Oslo, Norway
      2008 Gallery Trafo, Asker, Norway
      2001 RAM Gallery, Oslo, Norway
      2000 Trøndelag  Center for Contemporary Art, Trondheim, Norway
      2000 The Poetry Festival, Son, Norway
      1996 Regional Art Center,  Kristiansand, Norway
      1989 National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Trondheim, Norway
      1989 The Exhibition Room at USF, Bergen, Norway
      1983,1997 Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway
      Selected group exhibitions
      2011                                       Galleri Format, Oslo, Norway
      2010 ” Le Cru and Le Cruit, Galerie Favardin & de Verneuil, Paris, France
      2009 TAMA, offergaver og kriserite, Hamar and Trondheim, Norway
      2009 Collect, London, England
      2007 The 4th World Biennale 2007, Korea (CEBICO)
      2007 « Modern Masters », Munich, Germany
      2005 « Nordisk Konsthantverk », Varbergs Fästning, Sweden
      2005 « Typisk norsk? », Vigelandsmuseet, Oslo, Norway /Hamburg, Germany
      2005 « Norwegian Crafts », Flow Gallery, London, England
      2004 « Norvegen heute-keramisch » Hetjens Museum, Düsseldorf, Germany
      2003 « The Shape between  Continuity and Innovation », Faenza, Italy
      2003 The 2nd World Biennale 2003, Korea (CEBIKO)
      2002 Keramik aus Norwegen, Munich, Germany
      1999 Ilåd, Hå gamle prestegard, Jæren, Norway
      1999 Contemporary Norwegian Ceramics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      1998 Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal, Norway
      1997 Museum of Ceramics, Grimmerhus, Middelfart , Denmark
      1994 The Olympic Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway
      1991 Hå gamle prestegard, Jæren, Norway
      1991 Blås och Knåda, Stockholm, Sweden
      1990 RAM Gallery, Oslo, Norway
      1990 Nordisk keramikk, Galleri F15, Jeløya, Norway
      1984 Keramikk som utsmykking, Kunstnerforbundet, Norway
      1983 Frysja på by`n. The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo, Norway
      1981–2003 The Annual Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Norway


      2018,2008,2005,2004, 2000,1997 Fund for Collection of Norwegian Contemporary Arts and Crafts
      1996 Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Kristiansand, Norway
      1996,1988 The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo, Norway
      1990,1988,1983 Arts Council Norway
      1990 The West Norway Museum of Decorative Art, Bergen, Norway
      1984,1989 National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Trondheim, Norway
      1983 National Touring Exhibitions, Norway
      Selected public commisions  
      2004 Skui skole, Bærum, Norway
      1998 Storebrand Building, Oslo, Norway
      1995 Statoil Building, Kollsnes, Bergen, Norway
      1993 Stovner Police Station, Oslo, Norway
      1990 Stange Senior High School, Stange, Norway
      1987 Holmlia Railway Station, Oslo, Norway
      1986 Ryen sykehjem, Oslo, Norway
      1985 The Norwegian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
      1984 The Teachers College, Elverum, Norway
      1981 H.M. The Kings Guard Barracks, Oslo, Norway
      2011 Government Miscellaneous Grant, Norway
      2007 Ingrid Lindbäck Langaard’s Foundation
      1992–2014 Government Guarantee Income for Artists, Norway
      1988 Ingrid Lindbäck Langaard’s Foundation
      1985 Government 3 Year Work Grant, Norway
      1982 Houen’s Fund
      1981 Government Travel Grant,  Norway
      2007 Special Prize, WOCEF, Korea
      2003 Special Prize, WOCEF, Korea
      2003 The City of Oslo Culture Award
      1996 Arts and Crafts Award, Norway
      2003–2004 Professor in ceramics, Bergen National Academy of the Arts



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