Polyrhythm is a thin porcelain vessel with a graphical pattern of stripes. Inspired by a graphic print by Josef Albers, Lotte Westphael has developed a systematic scheme to work with parallel lines in different variations, with a myriad of possibilities. Lotte Westphael calls these works for « polyrhythmic style exercises: Repetition and rhythm in a complex interaction of lines with different distance, width and thickness. The polyrhythmic refers to the multifaceted in the monochrome patterns. Polyrhythm is an example of this kind of work, where Lotte Westphael has worked systematical to explore proportionality in parallel lines.Within this system of order, she allows the little variations and imperfections in the actual working process with the clay. In Lotte Westphael’s optics it gives things life. Lotte Westphael works with paper models before proceeding in porcelain.

The Danish artist Lotte Westphael makes unique vessels with structural compositions of colored porcelain. Her vessels are based on a personal immersion in a technique unfolded in a graphic universe. With strips of colored porcelain, Westphael works with vertical and horizontal lines, two-dimensionally, building patterns in 2 mm thin porcelain plates, which are finally assembled into cylindrical jars. Westphael is interested in the three-dimensional potential of the cylinder form, and she works with the interplay between the inner and outer side of the jars. The manufacturing process is slow and the waste rate is large. Her vessels are translucent and fragile, and at the same time with a strong, geometrical expression.

  • Porcelain 
22.2 x 18 cm

    Polyrhythm II
    22.2 x 18 cm

  • Ceramic
18 x 9.6 cm

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