Attempted exhaustion

This piece is the result of work done in summer 2014. After choosing a sample from a score of Zus in Seine-Saint-Denis where operations were being carried out by the National Urban Renovation Agency, Fougeirol drew up a map. Represented as black dots on the same scale, these zones could be read as blind spots in the eye, where the visual nerve takes the place of the photoreceptive rods.

The contours of these zones are determined by streets or parcels. Fougeirol has given form to their exhaustive toponymic nomenclature. Juxtaposed, ordered, these names adumbrate a strange Lettriste poem with associations that are at once banal, arbitrary and singular.

Fougeirol has systematically explored these physical limits and produced images, following a strict protocol: digital camera with an uncentred “architectural” lens placed at eye-height on the tripod, so as to be as close as possible to ordinary perception, with an horizontal format, so as to be as objective as possible, free of bias. The continuous projection of this collection of documentary photographs in black-and-white, taken on the front lines between city and city, between “zone” and suburb, between what is considered sensitive and what is not, this film of a reality that is at once banal and provisional is both a document and an artwork.

The document shows the contemporary banality of public spaces, thoughtlessly laid out, unthinkingly “stuck together” and designed essentially for mechanical traffic. Marked by signs that are empty of meaning, they are unthought spaces inhospitable to any kind of city life.

This work probes the gap between the real and its representations, which hardly reflect those of the various players in urban development, foremost among them the architects.


Jean-Paul Robert

  • II
8 items to paste 56,5x80cm digital printing on poster paper total size 160x226cm / edition 5ex+2ap

    Tentative d’épuisement
    8 items to paste 56,5x80cm digital printing on poster paper total size 160x226cm / edition 5ex+2ap

  • III
Diaporama /slide show 328 photographs 27’20 variable size / edition 5ex+2ap

    Tentative d’épuisement
    Diaporama /slide show 328 photographs 27’20 variable size / edition 5ex+2ap

  • I
transfer printing 68x96cm / edition 5ex+2ap

    Tentative d’épuisement
    transfer printing 68x96cm / edition 5ex+2ap

  • Born in 1962, photographer and artist Benoît Fougeirol lives and works in and around paris. for some years now he has been exploring the uncertain zones of the city limits, collecting images. At once topographic and poetic, his approach captures the unsuspected, silent wealth of this space where greenery meets asphalt. The results can be seen in the book autour / around (éditions vmcf, 2010). Since then, he has concentrated on the so-called “sensitive” areas of the city. he has under- taken a methodical inventory of these territories whose reality exceeds or belies the simple clichés pasted over it.



    2018          non readymades in the photographers archive, galeria asymetria warsaw group show

    2018          the very landscape of abandon, galeria asymetria warsaw solo show with jerzy lewczynski archive

    2017          paysages français, bibliothèque nationale de france paris group show

    2017          tentative dépuisement iii, volume paris/punto de fuga group show

    2017          the plates of the present so far, galerie praz delavallade paris group show

    2016          botanic, deyrolle paris, photo saintgermain solo show

    2016          (zus), luma dummy award, short list, rencontres darles group show

    2015          ligne de fronts, école nationale darchitecture, paris la villette solo show

    2015   dust, the plates of the present, baxter street new york group show   2014 tentative (s) dépuisement, cruce contemporaneo madrid group show 2013 dust photogram project, ivrysurseine group show

    2013          botanic, temple galerie, paris solo show

    2012          autour / around, domeau & pérès, la garenne colombes solo show

    2012          la poesie austere du reel, clair galerie, saint paul de vence group show

    2010          autour / around, domeau & pérès, paris solo show

    2009          la librairie, galerie john tevis paris group show

    2009          marimage, galerie meninos de luz, rio de janeiro group show

    2007          la villa arpel, galerie de la manufacture de sevres, paris group show

    2007          la villa arpel, domeau & peres, la garenne colombes solo show 2004         autour de cyrille putman, galerie enrico navarra, paris group show 2002         galerie serge aboukrat, paris group show

    2002          galerie nathalie pariente, paris group show

    2002          la périphérie, malakoff group show

    2001          galerie serge aboukrat, paris group show

    2000          recyclages, mayersaebel & mc hale, paris solo show

    2000          polymères, colette paris solo show

    1999          sédiments, mac sallaumines solo show

    1999          cinquantenaire tati, flux cyrille putman group show

    1998          crestet centre dart hors les murs solo show

    1997          larrierepays, cac château des adhémar montelimar group show



    (zus) mad adagp award 2018



    centre national des arts plastiques, paris la defense collection lhoist, belgique

    bibliothèque kandinsky, musée d’art moderne, paris caisse des dépôts et consignation, paris

    musée carnavalet, paris

    bibliothèque nationale de france, paris



    (zus), x artistsbooks 2017 botanic, temple éditions 2013 cote 74, éditions jp robert 2013

    autour / around, éditions vmcf 2010

    sédiments, mac sallaumines1999

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