Studio Brieditis & Evans

Studio Brieditis & Evans

Katarina Brieditis (b. 1968) & Katarina Evans (b. 1969)

Behind the Swedish Studio Brieditis & Evans are two artists Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans, who have dedicated themselves to textile art. Since 2003, The Katarina & Katarina duo works in an interdisciplinary way with art, design and craftsmanship, giving birth to artistic projects with a social dimension.

Selected exhibition

2017: Hong Kong Design Institute, Hong Kong, China

2016: Design Miami / Basel, Booth Galerie Maria Wettergren, Basel, Switzerland

2015: Swedish Institute, Paris, France
Textile Museum, Boras, Sweden

2014: Hong Kong Design Institute, Hong Kong, China
Landskronan Museum, Landskronan, Sweden

The Re Rag Rug Project

The Re Rag Rug exhibition is the result of a one-year experimental design project where the artists challenged themselves to create 12 unique rugs in 12 months, in 12 different techniques, without using a loom.

The twelve Rugs have been exhibited, among other exhibitions, in Sweden, Hong Kong and France. The interest in design and textile crafts is global as well as the recycled material and consumption issues.

Re Rag Rug is an example of how design is a way to work with sustainability, and shows that a seemingly worthless material can be given added value. Many of the rugs are made with craft techniques that do not require large spaces or machines, and they could therefore be manufactured in cottage industry settings in textile- producing countries. Such a production method, using waste, will not only be ecologically sustainable but also socially sustainable — as it becomes a platform for developing crafts and creating jobs.

The rug is the ultimate textile furnishing. Through times it has been on our floors, beds, walls, tables and roofs. All over the world, rugs protect us from draught and cold. They have a major impact on the acoustics of a room, they gather groups of furniture in a space, create a room within the room and serve as aesthetic features. Rugs should withstand to being stood, walked and crawled on, and they are important bearers of culture for many people.

The craft. By using different types of rags in combination with a variety of sewing, platting, crocheting, knitting, macramé, rolling, cutting, appliqué, embroidery, structure- and relief effects, three dimensionality, color- and dyeing techniques,

The material used is considered worthless: Industrial waste and excess and discarded t-shirts and wool sweaters from the Salvation Army’s chain of second hand stores. The apparel donated to us is the waste that cannot be sold i.e. the sweaters are already too worn, ripped or in the case of wool sweaters, already shrunk.

The artists

Katarina Brieditis makes designs for textiles, tableware and products for companies such as Linum, IKEA and Rörstrand. She also makes knitting designs, and has developed designs for the Swedish Handicraft Society and clothes for the brand Gudrun Sjödén. Member of the board of NFH [The National Swedish Handicraft Council].

Katarina Evans has a background working with unique pieces of textile art and the conservation of antique textiles. Embroidery is her special skill and she also teaches in the craft at Handarbetets Vänners Skola at advanced level. Before Re Rag Rug, she worked for twelve years in the textile industry as product developer.

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