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Cecilie Bendixen

Born in Denmark 1975


The Danish architect Cecilie Bendixen is considered as one of the most innovating textile artists of Scandinavia. She made a Ph.D. research project on textiles and sound, underlining two main questions: how sound can be shaped by textile and conversely how textiles can be shaped by sound? These questions have given form to a series of sound absorbing textile sculptures and installations, such as the monumental installation Draped Nimbostratus (2013) as well as the delicate thread sculpture Sun Disc, 2015) and sculptural lightings based on draped textiles (Volume, 2015) and (Much, 2016). Cecilie Bendixen’s interdisciplinary approach to design, involving science, arts, crafts and architecture makes her an important contributor to the contemporary art scene.

Cecilie Bendixen has exhibited in various contexts such as the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibitions, Design Miami and Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum. She was nominated for the Nordic Textile Awards in 2017, and the same year she received the Bindesboell Medal.


Selected exhibitions

2018 Sun Disc II, Mindcraft, Milan / Design Miami/Basel, Basel, Galerie Maria Wettergren

2017 Sun Disc I. Galerie Maria Wettergren / The Salon Art + Design / Armory Park Avenue New York

2017 Sun Disc I. Galerie Maria Wettergren / Design Miami Basel

2016 Draperet Nimbostratus (version II). Permanent installation private collection, Virginia USA

2016 Much, Sound absorbing lamp. Galerie maria Wettergren

2016 Hanging Waves, Sound absorbing lamp. Denmark’s Tekniske Universitet

2016 Slinky Tubes, Sound absorbing lamp. Denmark’s Tekniske Universitet

2015 Stand Galerie Maria Wettergren, THE SALON ART+DESIGN, New York, United States

Stand Galerie Maria Wettergren, PAD London, United Kingdom

Stand Galerie Maria Wettergren, Design Miami/Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Fugl Fønix, Saxkjøbing Sukkerfabrik, Sakskøbing, Denmark

Lys_object at Gallery Superobjekt, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014 Open Window Units, Nicolai, Kolding, Denmark

2012 Under en Sort Sol, Rundetårn, Copenhagen, Denmark


Selected grants


2014 Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Fund (in collaboration with fashion designer Laura Baruël)

2012 Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Fund

2012 Danish Arts Foundation, Committee for Visual Arts Project Funding (coll. with artist Sophus Ejler Jepsen)

2012 Danish Arts Foundation, Committee for Crafts and Design Project Funding

2012 Danish Arts Foundation, Committee for Architecture Grants and Project Funding

2006 Artist of the year in Fredericia

2003 Residency at Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dalsåsen, Norway


Selected education


2013 PhD, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design / Kvadrat A/S

2005 Architect, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture



Selected works


2014 Sun : sound absorbing element. Open Window Units, Nicolai, Kolding, Denmark

2014 Screen in Skibelundsalen : permanent sound absorbing and light diffusing screen, Art Museum of Vejen, Denmark

2013 Hurricane eyes : Sound absorbing lamp shades. Product development.

2012 Barely a Form : three sound absorbing, folded constructions. Under a Black Sun, Rundetårn, Denmark

2007 Cumulus: 3D construction of thread. Spring Exhibition of Charlottenborg, Denmark

2006 Lampblack : spatial installation for The House of Culture, Kongensgade 111, Fredericia, Denmark

2005 Mobile:space for the exhibition Temporary Territories by Kerstin Bergendal. Nikolaj, Copenhagen, Denmark

2005 Umbelliflowes : tent installation for The Festival of H. C. Andersen. Kulturstaldene, Copenhagen, Denmark

2005 Circular Space. : space for the exhibition The Museum by TAPKO. Art Museum of Nordjylland, Denmark

2003 Weather Screens : Textile structures for screening and exposition of the weather. Investigat

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