Born in Denmark in 1968 and graduated from the textile faculty of the Danish Design School, the light artist and textile designer Astrid Krogh is renowned as a leading innovator in the intersecting fields of art, textile design, technology, and architectural intervention. Krogh anchors her art to new technologies by weaving optic strands into iridescent tapestries and creating optic fiber and LED sculptures that glow and illuminate in a rainbow of colors. With the subtle changing of patterns and colourways in the pieces, Astrid Krogh’s work creates a momentary pause in a high-speed world, showing that the cutting edge of art and design is not razor sharp, but as sensuous and soft as the subtle illuminations she creates.

« I like to work with high-tech materials in a low-tech way ».

Combining her textile design skills with technological know-how and state-of-the-art materials, Astrid Krogh started already by the end of the 1990s with monumental optical fiber weavings for various museum exhibitions and site-specific commissions. Krogh’s point of departure from conventional textile design was not merely her fascination for light, but also her attraction to shape-morphing objects and shifting colourways. « I use light as both a material and a technology », Krogh explains. « The presence of light is an essential component of my work. Light enables my textiles to pulsate, change patterns and create an entire spectrum of ever-changing colourways ».

Astrid Krogh succeeds in giving light a soft and tactile quality, proposing a highly original and poetic vocabulary based on contemplative perception and sensual color experience. In pieces like the Meadow or the Sky, the work changes into different hues of colors in a very slowly and hardly perceptible way therefore creating a poetic and sensorial experience.

Astrid Krogh’s works have been shown at various international exhibitions, museums and she has done important site-specific commissions such as the Maersk building, the Danish Parliament and the 21 C Museum in Cincinnati.
« I begin each commission by travelling to the site to look at existing lighting, the flow of human traffic and the general buzz around it », Krogh says. « I set out to truly integrate work into the space so that it becomes a part of it. Every building has a unique atmosphere; every space has its own soul. My work is born out of feeling, yet, takes shape according to the physical characteristics of the space ».

Astrid Krogh’s pieces are published in several important books about contemporary textiles, architecture and design and the designer has won several design prizes including The Danish Art Foundation en 2006, 2009 et 2011. She won the Thorvald Bindesboell Medal in 2008 and received the Inga & Ejvind Kold Christensen Prize. In 2015, Astrid Krogh was attributed the Annual Honorary Grant of the National Bank of Denmark and in 2016, she received the Finn Juhl Architecture Prize.


1995 – 1997 : Institute for Product Design

1992-1995 : Denmark’s Designsshool: Textile Department


2016: Finn Juhl Architecture Prize

2015:  Annual Honorary Grant of the National Bank of Denmark

2013 : Inga og Ejvind Kold Christensens Fonds hæderspris

2012 : Knud V Engelhardts Mindelegat

2008 : Thorvald Bindesbøll Medaljen Kulturministeriets designpulje, Rejselegat

2007 : Non Nobis Fonden / Danish Crafts, Legat til project ‘China Town–limited edition’

2006 : Statens Kunstfond, Arbejdslegat / Danish Solarfonden, rejselegat / Crafts, udstillingslegat / Arbejdslegat, Statens Værksteder for Kunst og Håndværk, Gammel Dok Pakhus, København

2004 : Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968

2003 : Ole Haslunds Kunstnerfond (kunstnerpris for 2003) Arbejdslegat, Statens Værksteder for Kunst og Håndværk, Gammel Dok Pakhus, København

2002 : Statens Kunstfond ́s 3-årige arbejdslegat Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968

2001 : Martha og Paul René Gauguins Fond (fondens kunstnerpris for 2001) Thomas B. Thriges Fond
Augustinus Fonden / Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond / Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968 Politikenfonden / Arbejdslegat, Statens Værksteder for Kunst og Håndværk, Gammel Dok Pakhus, København

2000 : Arbejdslegat, Statens Værksteder for Kunst og Håndværk, Gammel Dok Pakhus, København

1999 : Arbejdslegat, Statens Værksteder for Kunst og Håndværk Gammel Dok Pakhus, KøbenhavnOTHER

2014- 2018 : Chairman of the Project Support Committee for Crafts and Design, The Danish Arts Foundation

2007 : Boardmember for Denmark’s National Banks Jubilæumsfond af 1968

2006 : Boardmember of the Danish Ministry of Culture. Cultural canon http://www.kum.dk/sw37439.asp

2005 : Leader of workshop Northern Fibre 06, Finland

2004 : Curator, Biennale 2004 (Danish Craft) / Marts—May 2000 / Lecturer, Denmark’s Design School

July 2000 / Member of ‘Stroom’, Den Haags centrum voor beeldende kunst, Holland / April 1999—2004

Redaktionsmedlem af ‘Dansk Kunsthåndværk’

May 1998—September 1999 : Undervisningsassistent, Danmarks Designskole


2017 : Commission, Church, Rigshositalet, Copenhagen / Commission, Danish University Centre, Beijing

2016 : Commission, Children Hospital, Göteborg / Commission, Church, Rigshositalet, Copenhagen

2015 : Nykøbing Katedralskole, Denmark / Teglverket Skole, Norway / The Flag Project, 21C Hotels, Durham, USA / Sticks and Sushi, Copenhagen / Longchamp, Paris, France / Printemps, Paris, France / Högskolan / Malmø (Statens Konstfond, Sweden)

2014 : Private commission, Los Angeles, USA / Sketch for Longchamp, Paris / Sketch for Frederiksbergbyggeriet, Århus / Sketch for Teglverkets School, Oslo, Norway

2013 : Askim Ungdomsskole, Norge / Sketch, “Hospital Lillebælt”

2012 : “Lightmail”, 21 C Museum Hotel, Cincinnati, Ohio / Private commission, “Morild”, Paris / Sketch, Danish University Centre, Beijing (The House of the Danish Industry Foundation – Ny Carlsbergfondet) / Sketch, Högskolan, Malmø (Statens Konstfond, Sweden) / Sketch, Nya Karolinska Solna, Stockholm

2011 : ‘Kamelia’, Kolding, 4×4 metre Neontapestry / Sketch for “Two Tunnels Project”, Bath; Great Britain / Sketch for Högskolen, Oslo, Norge

2010 : ’Myriad’, Ceremony Room, Halden Prison, Norway 5 x 5 metre light tapestry

2009 : Vollsmose Kulturhus,, 4 x 4 Light mobile / Gigantium, Aalborg, 5 x 6 meter neontapestry

2008 : ’Myriad’, Ceremony room, Halden Prison, Norway (Erik Møller Architects), 5 x 5 metre light tapestry / ’Flower of life’, Sittard Hospital, The Netherlands 5 x 5 metre light mobile

2007 : ’Light fall’, NRGI Aarhus (SHL architects) 2 stk 2 x 14 meter light tapestry (optical fibre)

‘Flora’, Kolding Commune, Neon wallpaper, 12 x 11 metres, Dorte Mandrup Architects / ‘Coral’, Birkerød Aktivitetscenter, swim pool Mosaic / 5 x 5 meter

2006 : ”Snow flakes”, Bergen, Norway / Løvåsen Sykehjem 8 stk light tapestry, neon, Facade, 8 x 100 metre, Birkerød Aktivitetscenter / Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen Architects (SHL) / Sketch for Mr. S. Gabbana, Portofino, summer residence

2005 : Frederiksberg Slots Ridehus / Grønnegades Kulturcenter, Næstved, 2 stk neon tapestry

2003 : ‘Polytics’, The Danish Parliament, Christiansborg, 3 x 8 meter neon tapestry / ’Ornament’, 2,6 x 3,6 meters neon tapestry, bought by The National Art Foundation.

2002 : Reception, DSB, Sølvgade; København, Glassfacade m. Optical fibre (3x10m)

2001 : Design for Coloplast A.S / DSB, Sølvgade, Copenhagen, carpet (8x12m) + 3 stk metal goblin / Mærsk Data A/S, Vibenhus Runddel, Copenhagen, weaving stainless steel + neon (4x14m) / C.F.Møllers Architects

2000 : Design for Velux A/S, Denmark

1999 : The Royal Library, Diamanten, Copenhagen


2016 : Gallerie Maria Wettergren, Paris

2015 : National Bank, Denmark

2012 : Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris

2011 : Design Miami/Basel – Galerie Maria Wettergren

2010 : Gallery NB, Viborg

2006 : ‘Ideal House, 2006’ IMM Messe, Cologne

2005 : ‘Potential volumes by light’ Malmø kunstmuseum

2002 : ‘Tapeter’ / Det Dansk Kunstindustrimuseum, Copenhagen

2000 : ‘light mail’ Trapholt, Kolding


2017  : Design Miami Basel /Galerie Maria Wettergren

Pavillion Arts et Design, Paris + London


2016  :  Design Nu, Designmuseum Denmark

2015 :
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston / Design Miami Basel – Galerie Maria Wettergren / Designmuseum Denmark, Copenhagen

2014 :
Design Miami Basel – Galerie Maria Wettergren / D’Days, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris / BUILDING WITH TEXTILES – Textile Museum, Tilburg, NL

Pavillion Arts et Design London – Galerie Maria Wettergren; Design Miami Basel – Galerie Maria Wettergren /

2013 : D’Days/ Musée Nationale Eugène Delacroix, Paris / Pavillion Arts et Design Paris/ London- Galerie Maria Wettergren ; Design Miami Basel – Galerie Maria Wettergren / The Rijswijk Textile Biennial 2013 / Mindcraft, Il Saloni, Milan

2012 : Pavillion Arts et Design, Paris + London “Movements”, Risør Kunstpark, Norge / Design Miami Basel – Galerie Maria Wettergren Design Miami

2011 : Pavillion Arts et Design, Paris / 7th Tournai International Triennial of Contemporary Textile Arts Design Miami – Galerie Maria Wettergren

2010 : Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris / ‘It ́s a small world’, Shanghai Cosmos, Silkeborg Bad / Il Saloni, Danish Crafts, Milan

2009 : Il Saloni, Milan / “it ́s a small world”, Danish Design Centre

2008 : Il Saloni, Milan

2007 : Biennalen 2007 Koldinghus

2006 : ‘Honey I’m Home’, Danish Design Centre

2005 : ‘The 5th Textile Art Biennale Kaunas Lithuania / ‘Index 2005’ / Dansk Design Centre / ‘Konsthandverk / Roda Sten, Göteborg, Sweden / ‘Danish – framing the future of design’ The Danish Center / ‘Use It’ Dansk Design Center, Tokyo

2004 : ‘STUFF’ / Danish Crafts, Toronto / ‘The 11.th International Triennial of Tapestry’ Lodz, Poland

2003 : ‘Scandinavian Design beyond the Myth’ Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin / ‘Derfor’ / Danish Craft, Paustian, Copenhagen

2002 : ‘Fremtidens tradition, Danish Craft, Paris

2001 : ‘Young Nordic Design: The Generation X’ / Scandinavia House, New York Washington, Mexico, Finland (Design forum), Berlin (Det Nordiske Hus)

2000 : ‘Danish Wave’ China

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