“ I believe in the importance of challenging our perception,by creating spaces and objects, which engage and stimulate us. The way I challenge our perception, is by creating less static surroundings, which are more willing to communicate, by means of layering and processing of materials, strengthened by light and motion.”

Ane Lykke has a vast experience creating site-specific works and large-scale installations in public spaces. The works are often three-dimensional, creating illusions of depth and infinity. Ane Lykke creates spaces and objects that engage the viewers and users. The works are artistic and at the same time functional with a long-term sustainable quality. Besides her site-specific projects, Ane Lykke investigates form, materials and the properties of light and shadow in her one-off pieces that are made for exhibitions, galleries and private collectors. Ane Lykke has received numerous awards, honors and grants for her work, including The Danish Arts Foundation’s 3-year working grant in 2010 and The Danish Lightning Award, 2012. At the award of the Danish Arts Foundation’s 3-year working grant, the jury stated: “The key to the pure, serene beauty of Ane Lykke’s works resides in her superb ability to play with the transition between the statically two-dimensional and the dynamically three-dimensional.” “With their restrained simplicity, Ane Lykke’s works enter the souls of passersby as an unexpectedly strong and unforgettable poetic experience.”

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