Lotte Westphael – European Prize for Applied Arts 2021
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Galerie Maria Wettergren is proud to announce that Lotte Westphael has been shortlisted for BeCraft’s European Prize for Applied Arts 2021 and will be exhibiting in Mons, Belgium from 12 December, 2021 to 6 March, 2022.

The European Prize for Applied Arts aims to reward the best creations of contemporary expression in applied arts and artisanal design. Initiated in 2009, in partnership with the City of Mons, the WCC-Europe and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the European Prize for Applied Arts rewards creations of contemporary expression in the field of Applied Arts and Craft Design. This is seen as a unifying and promotional event that aims to raise awareness of the skills and role of craftsmanship in the 21st century across the EU. The initiative, has since 2009 run every 3 years. The need for and importance of this event is underpinned by the level of interest from craftspeople. This 5th edition will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the association.

The competition is for all artists working in the field of applied arts and artisanal design and residing in a European country (including non-EU members). The works selected for the competition must be of a high standard, both technically and aesthetically, and be innovative.

Lotte Westphael’s selected works for BeCrafts’s exhibition – Yellow Textile Gradient (2020), Polyrhythm Gradient – Yellow (2020) and Yellow Grid Gradient (2020) – were all part of Galerie Maria Wettergren’s exhibition Line Space Texture at Officinet in Copenhagen earlier this year .

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Photo 1: work; Barbara Amstutz, Carafe (2018). © Knud Dobberke and BeCraft

Photo 2: Erik Balle

Photo 3: Ole Akhøj