Astrid Krogh – RYTM – Public Commission, Uppsala Central Station

Galerie Maria Wettergren is proud to announce that in 2021 Astrid Krogh was commissioned by Uppsala Commune, Sweden to create a sight specific art installation for their central train station in Uppsala.

Digital print on glass, LED backlit
2 x 30 m

The artwork RYTM consists of 22 large backlit photo collages printed on glass. These images are all memories from Uppsala Commune. Some have been taken by the Danish artist Astrid Krogh herself, while others have been submitted by the residents of Uppsala. Together they form a kaleidoscopic pattern of the town. RYTM is like a multifaceted, brilliant symbol that unites Uppsala’s different districts as well cultural differences.

The artist Astrid Krogh believes that we build up our whole world upon patterns. If we understand the mathematics behind the pattern in the starry sky or the algae branches, we also understand a little bit of everything.




Astrid Krogh, born in 1968, is an artist and designer. She has been educated at the Institute for Product Design and Denmark’s Design School, Textile Department.
Her art can be found in several public places around the world.


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Photos: Astrid Krogh