Lotte Westphael – Korean International Ceramic Biennale 2021 Re:Start
LW Korean International Ceramic Biennale

Galerie Maria Wettergren is proud to announce Lotte Westphael’s participation in KICB2021 and the Honorable Mention of her exhibited work Polyrhythm Gradient – Rouge (2020).

The Korean International Ceramic Biennale 2021 was held from October 1 to November 28, 2021 at the Gyeonggi Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art (Icheon City), the Gyeonggi Museum of Ceramic Design (Yeoju City), and the Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum (Gwangju City). Under the slogan of β€œRe:Start,” the festival delves deeper into the roles of ceramics in the past and the post-COVID-19 era while delivering a message of healing and hope through artistic contributions. In the past, the occasion presented ceramic-related themes such as earth, fire, and soul; this year, however, it features new endeavours, shows production processes, and includes content that transcends the boundaries of artworks.

Launched in 2001, the Korean International Ceramic Biennale has established itself as one of the major events in Korea that has transcended locality. This ceramic art festival in Gyeonggi Province of Korea is where foreign ceramic artists and world-famous ceramic works congregate. For more than 20 years, artists from over 80 countries have gathered biannually, contributing to the festival’s goal of sharing the value of Korean ceramics. Through various initiatives that break down boundaries and expand ceramics in new directions, the Biennale has successfully drawn global attention and renown in various fields. While serving as a lodestone in bringing the central axis of world ceramics to Korea, the festival has also contributed to bolstering the recognition of ceramics as a branch of contemporary art.


LW Korean International Ceramic Biennale2

Photos : The Korean International Ceramic Biennale and Lotte Westphael