Acquisition of Hanne Friis’ Topography II by the Haugar Kunstmuseum

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Galerie Maria Wettergren is delighted to announce the acquisition by the Haugar Kunstmuseum of Topography II by Hanne Friis.

Hanne Friis
Topography II, 2019
Cotton canvas dyed with crab, acorns and iron vitrol, hand-sewn with nylon thread, steel.
86 x 140 cm

Topography II, 2019 is a unique sculpture handstitched in cotton canvas, dyed with crab, acorns and iron vitrol. In Hanne Friis’ works there is an unmistakable presence of the hand. At the same time, her works give the impression of denying the centrality of handicraft. It is as if Friis, via the engagement of the hands, also has set the works free – they are what they are single-handedly. It is precisely that characteristic that contributes to their giving a palpable impression of being living organisms. This has in large measure to do with the peculiar tension in which her art exists – between the intimate and the monstrous. One is enticed and repelled, as if there is an underlying pulse that drives one to admit both these extremes.


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