Acquisition of Louise Campbell’s Slow Relief by the Centre Pompidou
Slow Relief chair
Aluminium, wool and cotton threads
200 x 60 x 45 cm
Limited edition of 8

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Galerie Maria Wettergren is delighted to announce the acquisition by the Centre Pompidou of Slow Relief by the Danish designer and artist Louise Campbell.

Louise Campbell
Slow Relief, 2003
Aluminium, wool, and cotton threads
Gifted by CHANEL Fund for Women in the Arts and Culture, Friends of the Centre Pompidou, 2020
National Museum of Modern Art, Centre Pompidou.

Slow Relief was created by Louise Campbell in 2003 as a tribute to craftsmanship and handmade knitting. The laser-cut aluminium structure has been covered with a multitude of cotton and wool threads in different colors, revealing the coloristic exploration of its creator. Asked about the idea behind the work, the artist replied that she wanted to create a piece in which the designer’s trace was omnipresent. Indeed, the personal realization of Louise Campbell is really tangible, and the title itself reflects the slow and laborious production of the piece. At the same time, the artisanal and personal dimension is tempered by the contrast of the laser-cut aluminum slices, repeated to form a rational and geometric sculptural structure.

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