Astrid Krogh, among the recipients of the European Healthcare Design (EHD) Award

Galerie Maria Wettergren would like to congratulate Astrid Krogh, among the winners of the European Healthcare Design (EHD) award. The Queen Silvia Children’s hospital, featuring Astrid Krogh’s site-specific installation Meadow, 2021, has been appointed winner of the EHD award in the category ‘Interior Design and the Arts.’ Astrid Krogh’s site-specific installation is a substantial contribution to the creation of innovative and creative healthcare environments.

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The European Healthcare Design (EHD) Awards is one of the world’s most prestigious architecture awards within healthcare design. It celebrates and recognises professional and research excellence in the design of healthcare environments that promote health, wellbeing, and quality, while supporting the delivery of treatment and care in an accessible, sustainable and equitable way.


Photo: Astrid Krogh. Courtesy of Galerie Maria Wettergren and the artist