Mathias Bengtsson’s works in carbon fiber break down the traditional distinction in design between skin and structure: here,
the two are identical. The light, semi-transparent structure of Spun Chaise, Chair and Table in carbon fiber belies the
extraordinary strength of the carbon. Mathias Bengtsson spins a single carbon fiber into a slender, mesh-like layer that
weaves a cylindrical, very organic shape. The process of filament winding is ordinarily used to create the fuel tanks for
rockets and missiles. This process is best suited to what the designer calls “natural geometrical shapes”. Bengtsson’s
technique is almost to create a skeleton of an object, rendering its form both graphic and elusive.

Mathias Bengtsson b. 1971 in Denmark, designs and produces sculptural design pieces that are both visually striking and
technically innovative. Working with diverse industrial materials and processes, Bengtsson pushes forward the sculptural,
technical, and philosophical possibilities of three-dimensional design. Always seeking to take his thinking in new directions,
Mathias Bengtsson breaks down established boundaries between design, art, craft and technology.

Museum collections:
MoMA, Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA ;  The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA ;  The Mint Museum of Art, North
Carolina, USA ;  High Museum of Art, Atlanta, USA ;  Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, USA ;  Montreal Museum of
Art, Montreal, Canada  ; Frank Cohan Collection, Manchester, UK ;  Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester, UK ;  The Lowery,
Manchester, UK ;  Cass Sculpture Foundation, West Sussex, UK ;  Röhsska Museet, Goteborg, Sweden  ; Stedelijk Museum,
Amsterdam, Holland ; Danish Museum of Decorative Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark