• 2003
Chipboard wood, painted steel, cnc carved patterns
102 cm (width) x 56,5 cm (height) x 159,5 cm (length)
Unique piece

    Chipboard wood, painted steel, cnc carved patterns
    102 cm (width) x 56,5 cm (height) x 159,5 cm (length)
    Unique piece

  • Detail
Chipboard wood, painted steel, cnc carved patterns
102 cm (width) x 56,5 cm (height) x 159,5 cm (length)
Unique piece

    Chipboard wood, painted steel, cnc carved patterns
    102 cm (width) x 56,5 cm (height) x 159,5 cm (length)
    Unique piece

  • Mikko Paakkanen


 Bachelor and Master of Arts, University of Art and Design Helsinki

    1994 Artenomi, School of Arts and crafts Vihti, Finland


    Recent designs

    2012 Himmeli installation with Saas Instruments for Midtown, Tokyo, Japan

    2012 Asko-foundation installation, Helsinki, Finland

    2012 June-Chandelier for Nikari, Finland

    2012 Medal for European Athletic Championship Helsinki

    2012 Magazine rack for Magaru, Japan

    2012 Oak stool, studio Paakkanen, Finland

    2011 Fractal wave-luminare, studio Paakkanen, Finland

    2011 Bright corner-luminary, studio Paakkanen, Finland

    2011 Origami-series, Magaru, Japan

    2011 MP05-chair for Avarte, Finland

    2011 Koti &Piha, garden products, Kekkilä, Finland

    2010 Pythagora-chair

    2010 Travellers guitar, Lottonen Guitars, Finland

    2010 Lovesick jewellery series, Lovesick, Finland

    2010 Aatos-chair for Avarte, Finland

    2009 Koti & Piha, garden products, Kekkilä, Finland

    2009 Dai Dai-chair for Magaru, Japan

    2009 See-shelf and table for Magaru, Japan

    2009 Obi-chair and table for Magaru, Japan

    2009 Ime instruments for IME instruments , Finland

    2009 Miles-lamp series for Saas Instruments, Finland

    2008 90 degree-chair

    2008  Tyyni-chair for Avarte exhibition

    2008  Finland Exhibition,Cairo, Egypt

    2008 Marilyn-lamp for Saas Instruments, Finland

    2007 Neuvos-conference chair for Avarte, Finland

    2007 Atlas-table for Avarte, Finland

    2007 Medusa-lamp for Saas Instruments, Finland

    2007 Chairs for Catholic Church, Germany

    2007 Lazy-chair for Modus Natura, Singapore

    2007 Tyyny-couch for Modus Natura, Singapore

Rudolf-chair series for Isku interiore Oy, Finland

    2007 Skooli-light for Marimekko Oy, Finland

    2006 Nietos 2-chair for Avarte, Finland

    2006  Pontti-table for Punavuoren Puuhevonen Oy

    2006  Aceos Info kiosk for Studio Helsinki Finland Ltd.

    2005 Kide-beam chair for Avarte, Finland 

    2005  Vino-couch series for Modus Natura, Singapore

Kantava-series for Hagi Chamber of Commercial and industry, Japan 2004
Alma Info kiosk for University of Helsinki, Finland

Kide-series for Avarte, Finland

    2004 Nietos-chair and table for Avarte, Finland


    Work Experience

    2011 – 2012Tutoring teacher, WDC – pavilion, Helsinki, Finland

    2010  Part time teacher, Aalto University

    2006      Official design office Paakkanen

    2006- 2009

Part time teacher, University of Art and Design

    2003 Studio Helsinki  Finland Ltd.  Designer and production management for Studio Helsinki Finland

    2002, 2006
Work shop teacher, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland

    1998       Freelance designer

    1995- 1999 Cabinet maker and quality controller at Fat Douglas Oy, Finland





    2012 Sustainable Design from Finland, Helsinki, Finland

    2012 Sustainable Design from Finland, Venice, Italy

    2012 Form of Sound, solo exhibition, Design Museum, Finland

    2012 Arjen aarteet, Helsinki, Finland

    2012 Asko Avonius, exhibition, Helsinki Design Week

    2012 My Box, solo exhibition, Galleria Forum Box, Helsinki

    2012 Design en Seine, Paris

    2012 Art Basel, Gallerie Maria Wettergren, Basel

    2011 Latern park, Helsinki, Finland

    2011 Köln I´m in studio, Helsinki, Finland

    2011 Bright corners, HighLight gallery, Helsinki, Finland

    2011 Qubique, Berlin, Germany

    2011 Suomi Now, Gallerie Maria Wettergren.Paris

    2011 PAD London, England

    2011 Finnische Dunkelheit, Berlin, Germany

    2011 Unwrapped, London, England

    2011 Eco design, Habitare fair, Helsinki, Finland

    2011 Energo, Turku, Finland

    2011 Avoin140, Design Museum, Finland

    2010 Prototyp Köln, Helsinki, Finland

    2010  Hirameki, Tokyo designers week, Japan

    2010 Puun syy! Fiskars, Finland

    2010 Eco design, Helsinki, Finland

    2010 Glass design update, Helsinki design week, Finland

    2010 Why Design Now, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York, USA

    2010 Finnish Glass Lives 6, The Finnish Glass Museum

    2010 Lovesick, Milan, Italy

    2010 Modernism, Design Museum, Finland

    2010 Design Finlandês, Rio De Janeiro

    2010 Art Paris, France

    2009 FinDesign, Madrid, Spain

    2009 Glass design update, Tokyo designers week, Japan

    2009 Eco-design, Habitare fair, Helsinki, Finland

    2009 In phase of shadows, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

    2009 Playful New Finnish design, New York, USA

    2009 Muodon viemää, Fiskars, Finland

    2009 IME instruments, Bite of Helsinki, Milan, Italy

    2008 Art by Design, Gallerie Forsblum, Helsinki

    2008 Nordic block, exhibition, South Korea, Soul

    2008 How slow can you go, exhibition, Avarte, Helsinki

    2008 Crooma gallery, Munchen, Germany

    2008 Fenno folk, Design Museum, Finland

    2008 Finish Design at Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France

    2008 HARDCORE New Finish Design New York, USA

    2008 Eat and joy, Berlin, Germany

    2008 Valohoitoa, Design Forum, Finland

    2007 Made in Finland, Alvar Aalto Museum, Finland

    2006 Designpartners 06, Helsinki, Finland

    2006 Kallion Arkivaakuna, Gallery Alkovi, Finland

    2006 Singapore Biennial, Singapore

Housing fair 2006, Espoo, Finland

    2006 Re-interpreting nature, Design Forum, Finland

    2006 Imu & friends, New York, USA
The Young Designer of the Year 2006, Design Forum Finland

    2006 Forma fairs, Helsinki, Finland

    2006 Cool Dozen Exhibition, Canada and China

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