« Measuring Space » is a sculpture that spans and underlines the space between floor and ceiling in a room. The key to this project lies in the in-between. Both the immediate space between the floor and ceiling, and a more subtle in-between-space that occur in a magnetic field. A string is stretched by magnetic force, but is at the same time held back by its length – precisely so that the two elements do not to touch each other. At the end of the string the two  solid oak sculptures are floating in space separated by a little space. This creates an intense field of tension where gravity seems overruled.

The work springs from Eske Rex’ exploration of the ability of magnets to float, carried by their own pull. The work was created at the Danish Art Workshops.

  • 2012
Solid oak, magnets, string
Ca 21 x 12 cm  / element Height : adjustable
Limited edition of 3

    Measuring Space 4
    Solid oak, magnets, string
    Ca 21 x 12 cm / element Height : adjustable
    Limited edition of 3

  • eske rex

    Eske Rex’s works are carried both by a conceptual idea and by the materials and the craftsmanship. They examine the effects of force caused by tension between materials and space, in which they are overextended, stretched, split and placed on the verge of collapse. There are no stated explanations – all transfer of information happens on an aesthetic and sensuous level. The traces of craft and the at tention to materials sensuously combine the tangible and near with metaphysical, essential and universal matters. Simple and stylistic, they are cleaned and processed of excess elements in order to concentrate on experiencing the materials of which the works are made. For the same reason they give what can be referred to as a found poetic silence in their presence. In 2010, Eske Rex received the Danish Arts Foundation’s working grant and took part in the exhibition ‘Designers Investigating’ in Øksnehallen, which won an award from the Danish Arts Foundation. In 2011, he took part in MINDCRAFT11 in Milan and exhibited at the Triennale Design Museum, also in Milan, Italy. Eske Rex’ works have been exhibited worldwide, including 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Japan; Den Frie, Copenhagen, Denmark; Verbeke Foundation, Belgium; MINDCRAFT 17, Milan, Italy; Chart Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark (Galerie Maria Wettergren). In 2015, Eske Rex created a monumental site-specific installation for the International Criminal Court in the Hague, Netherlands. 

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