The perfect beauty of mathematical harmonies has fascinated humankind since Antiquity, but our computer age is particularly capable of unfolding the infinite richness of nature before our eyes, like an origami. Indeed, by zooming in and by modulation, Fenhann transforms complex geometrical principles into stunning sculptural forms. The origami-inspired “Hikari lamps” (“Hikari” means light in Japanese) are all polyhedrons constructed of almost paper-thin Oregon pine veneer only 1.8 mm thick. The first Hikari lamps were made in 2004, and the following year the Danish Designmuseum opened a solo exhibition for these works, entitled Aero. Since then, Fenhann has been developing complex variations of these lamps as well as the lightweight table-sculpture “Kubo” from 2007.


To a large degree Fenhann’s work represents the aristocratic quality of delicate handmade cabinetmaking expressed by the Japanese term Sashimono (指物). His work is guided by the same principles of simplicity, repetition and respect for wood as a living material. His painstakingly precise treatment of wood surfaces, ending up in a velvet-like, soft finish and with invisible joints, is the result of an extraordinary effort, which is both mental and physical. It is absolutely exquisite, close to obsessive. In the Japanese aesthetic tradition, unlike the European, there is no separation between the work of the mind and the hand. The fact that Fenhann rejects the idea of an assistant and produces all his pieces himself in small limited editions can be seen in this holistic perspective. He does not work with the industry either. As the hand and the mind form a single spiritual bond, there is a kind of unique and non-transmittable type of work at stake here.

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    Rasmus Fenhann
    Born 1972, lives and works in Copenhagen

    Selected Exhibitions
    Unfold, Designmuseum Denmark 2017, Pitch Black, The Lapidarium of Kings 2016, Re_Form Biennale, Kinfolk gallery 2016, PAD/Paris, Chart/CPH, Salon New York, Galerie Maria Wettergren 2016, Petit, Oregaard Museum and Maison du Danemark Paris, Learning from Japan, Designmuseum Denmark 2015, PAD/Paris, Design/Basel, The Salon New York, Galerie Maria Wettergren 2015, Japanometry, Solo Exhibition, Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris 2015, Textility, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 2014, Crossing the line, Trapholt Art Museum 2014, Design/Miami, The Salon/New York, PAD/London and Paris, Galerie Maria Wettergren, 2014, Pierre Yovanivitch, AD France, Hôtel Particulier du Miramion Paris, 2013, Storage, Designmuseum Denmark, 2013, Globalisation, Trapholt Art Museum 2013, Kunst på Fad, Frigatten Jylland 2013, Design/Miami, PAD/London and Paris, Galerie Maria Wettergren 2013, Sculptural Furniture, Thorvaldsens Museum 2012, Recession, Trapholt Art Museum 2012, Design/Miami Galerie Maria Wettergren 2012, New Nordic, Trapholt Art Museum 2011, Wood Couture, Galerie Maria Wettergren, 2010, My Precious, International woodwork Exhibition, Designmuseum Denmark 2010, Crafts Collection CC14, Maison et Objet, Paris 2010, From seed to.., Bella Center, Copenhagen 2010, Second Nature, Japanese/Danish contemporary design, Rundetaarn, Copenhagen 2009, Branching Out, Bella Center, Copenhagen 2009, Made in Denmark 100% Design, London, Branching Out, Designmuseum Denmark 2007, Tasmanian Crafts Fair, Deloraine, Tasmania 2006, Vennelyst, Frederiksberg Have Copenhagen 2006, Sydform, Form Design Center, Malmoe, Sweden 2005, DANISH Framing the future of design, Danish Embassy, Berlin and in Design Center, Copenhagen 2005, AERO, Solo Exhibition, Designmuseum Denmark 2005, Arts and Crafts Prize exhibition, Designmuseum Denmark 2004, 10 years, Danish Cabinetmakers Associations Jubilee exhibition, Designmuseum Denmark, Trapholt Art museum and Form Design Center, Malmoe Sweden 2002, Masterpieces, 100 years of Danish Cabinetmaking, Kronborg Castle 2000, Touch Wood, Danish Cabinetmakers Association, Designmuseum Denmark, 1997.

    Prizes /Awards
    Finn Juhl Prize, 2016; Danish Arts and Crafts, Silver medal, 2004, Gurli and Paul Madsens Mindelegat, 2000, Danish Arts and Crafts, Bronze medal, 1999, Cabinetmakers Silver medal, 1997.

    Danish Art Foundation, 2016/2015/2014/2010, Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, 2016/2015/2009/2008/2004, Augustinus Fonden, 2007, Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæums Fond af 1968, 2007/2006/2004, Konsul George Jork og Hustru Emma Jorcks Fond ,2004, Fabrikant Svend Aage Rasmussen og Hustrus Mindelegat, 2000, Gurli og Paul Madsens Fond, 2000, Georg og Emilie Petersens Legatfond, 2001, Det Reiersenske Fond, 2001, Margot og Thorvald Dreyers Fond, 2000, Fabriksejer, Ingeniør Valdemar Selmer Trane og Hustru Elisa Tranes Fond, 2000, Glashandler Johan Franz Ronges Fond, 2000, Premieselskabet, 2000.

    Trained Cabinetmaker with Silver medal, 1991-1996, Danish Royal Academy of Art and Design, Furniture Department 1997-2003.

    Member of the jury for The Danish Cabinetmakers Guild’s Wood Prize, 2015, Member of The Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition, 2012, Represented by Galerie Maria Wettergren since 2010, Faculty at Danish Institute for Study Abroard’s Furniture Program since 2009, Faculty at Danish Royal Academy of Art and Design, Teaching design process, 2005-2014, Established own Cabinetmakers workshop since 2003, Employed by Nanna Ditzel 2003-2005, 3 months trip, studying and working in Japan with traditional craftsmen in 2001 and 2003. Trainee at Hans Sandgren Jakobsen Design, 2001, Member of the Danish Cabinetmakers Association, 1996.

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