• 2018
Canvas dyed by oak acorn and iron mordant, sewn by hand, concrete
60 x 43 cm

    Grey Monument II
    Canvas dyed by oak acorn and iron mordant, sewn by hand, concrete
    60 x 43 cm

  • Hanne Friis portrait

    In Hanne Friis’ sculptures, what begins delicately with tightly stitched masses of pleats and fold, explodes suddenly into pockets and flourishes of organic forms, breathing out of the textile’s restrained folds. The densities in the textiles bear witness to the actual process of creating something, an in-depth study, and association with the cyclic processes of nature. Hanne Friis does not imitate the laws and biological systems of nature, but instead seems to touch on its primal forms in a wild yet controlled expressive interpretation. This is a form of art where there is an unmistakable presence of the hand. At the same time, the works give the impression of denying the centrality of handicraft. It is as if Hanne Friis, via the engagement of the hands, also has set the works free – they are what they are single- handedly. It is precisely that characteristic that contributes to their giving a palpable impression of being living organisms. Before specializing in textile art, Hanne Friis studied sculpture and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim between 1992 and 1996. Pioneer in Norwegian contemporary textile art, Hanne Friis has exhibited worldwide, including a major solo exhibition at the Vigeland Museum, Oslo, Norway in October 2022. Her works are included in several important public and private collections, including the National Museum of Art, Oslo, Norway; National Museum of Decorative Arts, Trondheim, Norway; Haugar Kunstmuseum, Tønsberg, Norway; West Norway Museum of Decorative Arts, Bergen, Norway and the Norwegian Parliament, Oslo, Norway. 

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