‘Honest’ design is what we try to pursue by logical thinking. The Japanese architect and designer Keiji Ashizawa explores the laws of gravity and the nature of light by the most simple means in his poetic lightings Gravity and Parabola.

A gentle curve is created by hanging a thin metal plate in the air. By gravity, the plate naturally bends into an ideal light reflector. Different curves can be achieved by using plates of varying thickness. Suspended from two points, it captures the form of a sheet of paper being carried in the wind. It flattens out into a simple metal sheet when it is returned to the ground.

With Parabola, Keiji Ashizawa uses the characteristics of a parabola dish, where an amplified parallel light is created by shining a point light source to a focus on the surface of the dish. Ashizawa focuses on elementary natural laws and principles thereby achieving maximum effects by minimum means. His design expresses a seemingly effortless poetry combined with strong urban symbols. The lamps are available on order in a limited edition made by Galerie Maria Wettergren.

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