Born 9 august 1977 in Nyborg
The Danish artist and designer Jakob Jørgensen aims for objects with a strong, sculptural expression. In his design he strives to create an expression that possesses the same depth as a work of art but which also fits naturally into everyday life as a functional object. Jakob Jørgensen’s recent steel tube sculptures, seatings and lightings are exploring this interdisciplinary field in a poignant manner. Their physical impact is challenging both the artist, while making them, and the spectator. By heating the steel tube up to 1000 degrees Celsius and forming it with a pressure of 100 tons, Joergensen manages to give the metal tube unexpected fluid qualities. By the deformation of the metal tube, new sculptural dimensions gracefully emerge from the hard material. The tube objects are interesting in that when the cylinder, which is a geometric basic form, is deformed, all possible organic forms start occurring.

2019 Japan tur/retur, Exhibition of Oryoki Bowls designed together with Line Depping
2018 HalstrømOdgaardDeppingJørgensen, A.Petersen collection
2017 Everyday life, 21st century museum kanazawa
2017 SE17, Blitz
2016 SE16. Together with Line Depping
2015 Mindcraft 15 Milano. Together with Line Depping
2014 Galerie Maria Wettergren new Fjarrill The Salon New York og Design Miami
2014 Design Museum Danmark. Barca exhibition.
2014 Dwell On Design exhibition in New York
2014 SE exhibition design together with Line Depping.
2014 Mindcraft 14 Milano
2013 Snedkernes efterårsudstilling. The Exhibition ‘Opbevaring’ Designmuseum Danmark.
2012 Dizajnvikend festival in Bratislava.
2012 Generation Design Musée d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris.
2012 Danish Crafts ‘Mindcraft12’, Milano.
2012 Uncovered12,Milano Design Week, with group of international designers
2011 PAD London Galerie Maria Wettergren.
2011 Snedkernes efterårsudstilling. “30 års fødselsdag”
2011 IFFT Tokyo design week. IFDA Exhibition.
2011 Louisiana museum of modern art. Bodum design award.
2011 IFDA. Japan Asahikawa Furniture Center.
2011 Tokyo design center. Snedkernes efterårsudstilling. Whiteout
2008 IFDA. Japan, the furnitures ”Barca” og ”Fjarril”
2008 Graduated from Danmarks Designskole, furniture departments

2018 HalstrømOdgaardDeppingJørgensen, Exhibition at A.Petersen, award from The danish art council
2015 3 year working grant from the danish arts council together with Line Depping
2015 Finn Juhl prize together with Line Depping
2012 Wallpaper design awards. Best secret storage Fjarill.
2011 1st prize in Bodum Design Awardtogether with Line Depping.
2011 IFDA. Japan Finalist.
2008 IFDA. Japan. 1.Goldleaf
2008 Træets arbejdsgiverforenings design competition
2006 Sydform.

2015 Teaching assistent KADK
2012 HAY
2011 Galerie Maria Wettergren
2010 Designer Line Depping

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