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Camilla Moberg’s works are made of mouth-blown glass, revealing the unique character of each element, created using traditional glass-blowing methods. Her works are produced in Nuutajärvi, Finland’s oldest glassmaking village. In the artist’s words “I believe that carefully crafted objects and works that are designed to last from generation to generation encourage people to make responsible choices. Artefacts gain sentimental value when they are allowed to be around for a long time.” Camilla Moberg began her career focusing on ceramics, but after graduating from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki in 1992, she quickly turned to glass, a material that dazzled her with its colours and shaping possibilities. Working in collaboration with renowned glassblowers, her works are handmade in Finland. Moberg has participated in many international exhibitions and has been awarded several scholarships to support her artistic work from the National Council for Design, Finland. Her large light sculptures can be found in numerous public collections worldwide, including The Finnish Art Museum, Riihimäki, Finland; the State Art Collection, Finland; the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Holland; and the Art Center White Block, Seoul, Korea,among others.

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